Anode Active Material (AAM)

Main RHK developments for AAM:

  • 1250 °C application
  • High performance exhaust system incl. volatile treatment
  • Complete gastight system (N2)
  • Adaptation to new generation anode products (Si based) - 2021
  • Kiln empty firing
  • Controlled roller drive system for best meandering results
  • Optimized kiln lining for lowest heat emissions
  • Energy saving measures
  • Best temperature uniformity
  • Highest cooling efficiency

The vast majority of lithium-ion batteries use graphite powder as an anode material. Graphite materials are either synthetically-produced (artificial graphite) or mined from the ground (natural graphite), then heavily processed before being baked onto a copper foil to serve as anodes. Graphite anodes meet the voltage requirements of most common Li-ion cathodes, they are relatively affordable, extremely light, porous and durable.

Roller Hearth Kilns