Energy efficiency & Environment protection

Riedhammer is green!

Respect for resources and the environment without sacrificing kiln performance is a key goal. Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions are achieved through innovative technology such as energy management systems, energy re-use, gas-saving combustion technology, intelligent heating and energy-efficient kiln insulation.

We develop integrated energy-saving and energy-efficient solutions to minimise environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner world. We support sustainability by providing heat treatment applications for waste processing and recycling.

For many years industrial kiln plants by RIEDHAMMER have set the standards for efficient energy use, top process stability and plant safety. Rising energy costs and the necessity of a sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions require the utilisation of all savings potentials, not least in the present economic environment.

Please contact us and use our expert knowledge for an energy consultation. We would be pleased to inform you about your possibilities for saving energy.

With the use of cutting-edge process control software and the permanent development of our kiln plants in terms of process engineering we can offer the following system solutions that have been designed specifically for the ceramic industry:

  • Increase of energy efficiency by re-using waste air and waste gas flows
  • Waste gas cleaning with integrated combustion air preheating
  • Modernisation and increase of energy efficiency in older kiln plants
  • Increase of energy efficiency and reduction of pollutant emissions by a state-of-the-art firing technology and optimized measuring and control technology